Many of us are telling a story with words alone… as you have it in books. Some of us, who can draw, are enjoying the return to the original way to express thoughts, feelings, imaginations and messages: the pictorial. Thats what the visual narrative is about: telling a story in pictures, and scenes, and animations. This old art has a lot of ancient and modern faces: cartoons, comics, graphic novels, storyboards, animated movies and games.

It is, of course, independent of language, religion, education, and descendance. Anyone can read it, understand it and enjoy it, no matter who he is, and where he came from. I was attracted to this truly accessable culture all my life and made it my profession once, made a nice living on it, and still continue to do it- besides lecturing how to do it.

So, choose your novel from the list above and  return often to enjoy what is brought freshly to your eye and mind by  frequent updates.

The whole site is still under construction. It will be upgraded and updated all the time, so don´t miss which options I shall add for publishers, agents and connaisseurs of appealing characters and breathtaking action.


Michael H.Musal